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   In this newsletter I am going to give you some advice on keeping your data projectors working their best. The first thing you can do is make sure throughout the school year you keep the filters clean. All you really need to do is pull them and knock the dust out on the side of a garbage can. The other thing that keeps projectors working their best is having preventive maintenance performed  by a professional maintenance company. The company that performs the maintenance must do the job completely, which means, it must be removed from the mount, if necessary, remove the covers, and clean and lubricate the unit. We have been told that some maintenance companies don't remove the unit from the mount, which means they never fully maintained it. 
    I do want to mention something else that I have had to remind others about. If you wait until your projectors are already having issues to have complete maintenance done, you can't expect cleaning to end all of your problems. Cleaning/maintenance of the units will definitely help, but unseen damage from the extra heat cannot be undone. 
    The bottom line is cleaning/maintenance of projectors should be done from the beginning, it works. We have a district that has around 200 Epson 83's of various sub-models (+, C) that we have been performing preventive maintenance on since they were a year old. I was just talking with our contact at the district and we realized that every projector is still working. They haven't had to junk a single unit!!!
Hopefully this newsletter helps you keep your projectors running their best!!!

    Thank You for visiting our site!!!

    Troy Bridges : CQD, CQT
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