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Preventive Maintenance

                                                                   Preventive Maintenance
  In this time of ever tightening budgets, preventive maintenance makes more sense than ever. Schools have ever increasing amounts of technology that they rely on than ever before. Data Projectors, Laser Printers, Computers, Overhead Projectors, DVD/VCR units and Digital Camcorders are just a few items that can benefit from preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can easily pay for itself in reduced major repairs, longer lamp life(where applicable) and longer equipment life. After we perform maintenance of a piece equipment we record the location and serial number of the unit, and other information on some units and give you a copy for your inventory records.

Data Projectors that properly maintained (cleaned and lubricated) run cooler, extending lamp life and saving energy. Also, the majority of data projector breakdowns are caused by overheating. When you consider the cost of replacement lamps and/or the cost of a major repair, the cost of preventive maintenance is just a drop in the bucket. When we maintain a data projector we also take a close look at the lamp, checking for signs of heat damage or lamp degradation. We also check and record the lamp hours for our records and yours

Laser Printer maintenance extends the useful life of your printer. Keeping the unit cleaned and lubricated helps to decrease, if not virtually eliminate paper jams. Maintenance also improves print quality and keeps your printer functioning as new. When we maintain a laser printer we also check the condition of rollers and other wear parts to try to catch a problem before it happens.

DVD/VCR and Blu-ray units also can benefit from preventive maintenance. Removing dust and dirt, properly lubricatng motors and cleaning the heads and/or optical pick-ups aids in keeping the units working at their best

Computer Maintenance helps keep your computer running cooler, and that in turn will reduce power supply and cpu failure among other benefits.

We also perform repairs on all the equipment listed above, plus most other equipment used in the educational or business setting. A small list of other equipment we repair is Laminators, all types of Camcorders, Cassette Recorders, CD Players, Boomboxes, Magnetic Card Readers, Record Players, 8mm and 16mm Projectors, Amplifiers, TV's and much more

Our maintenance services have been helping schools get the most out of their equipment for more than 26 years. Preventive maintenance saves money in the long run, it also decreases down time and the incidence of major repairs.

All units are taken apart for maintenance. Mounted units are removed from their mounts and the mounts and cables are dusted off as needed.

Bridges Audio Visual offers special quantity discount prices on certain types of equipment. The prices are the same on-site or in shop. Quantities as small as 10 can quailfy for special pricing.

Please Contact Bridges Audio for quantity preventive maintenance pricing in your area.

While performing preventive maintenance on a machine if we find any additional issues with the unit that need to be addressed we will contact the customer for approval to repair. If repairs are refused for any reason we will still bill the P.M. rate for that unit.


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