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    At Bridges Audio Visual we strive to give you the best quality service, whether it is equipment repair, design consulting, actual design work, installation or installation commissioning. Everything we do is with the customer's best interests in mind. We want every customer to be so pleased with our work that you call us back for future work without hesitation.
    I recently completed some continuing education and certification classes. In 2014 I received my AQAV Certified Quality Designer (CQD) and Certified Quality Technician (CQT) certifications. That doesn't mean I am a walking, talking encyclopedia of model numbers and terms. It means that when I design an install, review someone else's design, perform an install or review and commission someone else's install, I use AV-9000 quality standards and checklists. Much like a pilot does the preflight checklist, AV-9000 has a checklist that covers all facets of the install process, from the original design to final inspection. 
    I received full certification as a Lightspeed integrator, which means I will install Lightspeed products using Lightspeed prescribed methods and practices.
    I received certification from Epson as an integrator as well.
    I also receiver Kramer Certified Digitalist certification, which means I understand not only their products and will install them and program them according to spec. but that i also understand HDMI, DVI everything that they have to offer as well their drawbacks. 
    We are here to help you with everything from repairing your cassette recorder to designing technology upgrades for an entire school system.

     Thank You!!!

  Troy Bridges : CQD, CQT
  Bridges Audio Visual

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