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If you are looking for A/V design, integration or repair service, you are in the right place. At Bridges A/V we take pride in being the best at all we do. We have a double certified A/V designer and certified A/V integrators on staff. We also have over 75 years of combined A/V service experience.

Preventive Maintenance


We are already starting to schedule projector preventive maintenance for this summer. If summer doesn't work for you, we will work with your schedule and can do maintenance after school, on a weekend or during another school break.

We Install Quality and Quality Repair as well


We take ride in installing the best products for the best and easiest to use experience. We repair all brands of projectors, Doc Cams and Laminators. We are known for our repairs of  Epson projector "3 lights of death" issues. 

Projectors and Document Cameras


We are now an Epson dealer. Please contact us for your Projector and/or Document Camera needs. We can also design and install your A/V system. We sell and install DaLite Screens, as well as other name brand A/V and A/V installation equipment.

Sound Systems


We install and repair sound systems as well. Whether it is a classroom soundfield system, such as those from Lightspeed or a full gym system or anything in between, we are here to help you. We can repair, upgrade, design or install sound systems for you.  

Security Cameras


We also install and set up security cameras and run structured cabling. We have an AXIS Certified Camera and Entry Management System Design and Installation Professional on staff.

About Us



Association for Quality in Audio Visual Certified Quality (A/V) Designer on staff.


Another Design Certification

Also an AVIXA A/V Designer Certification for our staff member.


Integration Certification

Our Lead Integrator has an Association for Quality in Audio VIsual, Certifiied Quality (A/V) Technician Certification.

Our Observations and opinions

      There is a lot of information display technology out there. Projectors, conventional lamp, lampless and laser in standard throw, short throw and ultra short throw. Also, Flat screen displays, both normal and interactive. Except lampless projectors, each of these information display technologies has it's strengths and weaknesses.

      I exclude lampless (not laser) projectors, because a side by side comparison with even the lowest line 3 LCD projector shows how bad the image really is. Looking at it alone the human eye compensates for the poor color quality of these projectors. These projectors are not worth repair, at any point. 

      Flat screen displays, both normal and interactive are great for small or close up group work, as even the biggest, has a smaller picture than those of a projector. Also, while those who push these units talk up their long expected life they do break down. When you have a large interactive display that weighs in excess of 180 pounds, service is going to be very costly, requiring 2-3 people just to remove them from their mount or cart.

      Laser projectors have image quality similar to the best flat screen displays, and are a very good fit in some educational situations. Board rooms, auditoriums or any other place where the projector is used in controlled amounts of time. Schools used to put notes on their projectors, due to the high cost of replacement lamps, the laser is not replaceable, so in a standard classroom without network supervision could lead need for replacement before budgets can handle it.   

      Normal lamp, projectors, normal, short and ultra short throw) get a bad rap, but are still modern and current technology, especially in an educational situation. Even entry level models are much brighter than they used to be, 3500+ lumens and the lamps cost much less than they used to. They have a much lower initial cost and repair costs are much less than either a flat screen or laser projector. Most lamps are rated at 6000-12,000 hours. If you take an Epson 109W which lists at $612.00 and figure a new lamp at a low 5000 hours. The new lamp lists at $60.00 you would replace it 5 times to equal the rated 30,000 hour life of a flat screen or 3 times for the rated life of most laser projectors. You are looking at a cost of $912.00 for 30,000 hours and $792.00 for 20,000 hours. Even if you add in preventive maintenance on the projectors at approximately 3,000 hours at a rate of $25.00 per maintenance session, you are only looking at $1,162.00 for 30,000 hours and $967.00 for 20,000 hours. I haven't seen too many commercial quality displays or laser projectors for that price. Even looking at an interactive UST Epson 685Wi at a  price of $1500.00, which is more than any school would have to pay would be $2050.00 with 3,000 hour maintenance for 30,000 hours and  $1855.00 for 20,000 hours. Try to find a 75' or larger interactive flat screen for even $1000.00 more than the total with lamp and maintenance. 



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